A Legendary Milestone in the History of Performance Art:

Cooperation between PAS and IPA
June 25th – July 8th 2017, Quartair The Hague, The Netherlands

In cooperation with P.S. Performance Site The Hague 


PAS | Performance Art Studies

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To sign up send your: name, email address, home address and phone number, artist statement, short personal biography, links to your work online, portrait photo (to use on website of P.S.) and a short letter of motivation to psipapas@gmail.com

Don´t miss these Workshops

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IPA Venice 2016

For the first time in the history of IPA events, participants will change the groups. So you will work 4 days with BBB Johannes Deimling and then change and work with Jürgen Fritz – or the other way round 🙂 –  these are 8 days of intense work 7 hours a day. At the 9th day there will be a public presentation.  Thats great!! Don´t miss it!! More info about the workshop:

This is Life!

workshops, performances and panel discussions

This year IPA collaborates with P.S – Performance Site The Hague and PAS – Performance Art Studies on the topic of “the poetic in performance art”. The event runs for 12 days and includes one-week long workshops , live performances by both local and internationally renowned artists, premieres, talks, panel discussions, presentations and screenings.


P.S. – this is Live explores the poetic in performance art by interrogating: how can a performance artist approach the poetry of live action? How can we make something poetic visible? The quality of the topic you are interested in might be alluring, sensitive, soft or, on the contrary, heavy, dramatic and dark. At the same time, the poetry of the topic might be humorous and absurd, gloomy and obscure or light and ephemeral. You might explore different aspects of live action: rhythm, repetition, the symbolism of words, actions and objects. Your work can contain text or just an image/movement.


The events will take place in the the former ‘The Hague Breadfactory’ built in 1902 on the Toussaintkade in The Hague.

The monumental building is managed by Foundation B141. In the building 12 artists have their studios, and on the ground floor is a gallery space of 200 m2. The building was renovated in 2010. Quartair is one of the longest running artist-run-spaces in The Hague.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 141A
2513 CN, The Hague

Festival Holaa!

We are looking for

P.S. – this is Live is looking for artists with a personal approach and a sincere means of expression. A small intimate gesture is as valid as a big dramatic act. We are interested in the ideas that you can develop through time and the process of transforming thoughts into actions that have visual qualities. This can be achieved in many ways and it doesn’t matter through which means you choose to express yourself. We are up for objects, sound, light, technology or just bodies in space.

This is Life! will do the opening of the Festival Holaa with all participants of the workshops. Also we are part of the Hoogtij art route at the 7th of July.

IPA The Hague 2017 - Workshop leader

BBB Johannes Deimling

BBB Johannes Deimling is an acclaimed visual artist and teacher, known for his specific visual approach to Performance Art based on his term agierte Bilder (enacted images). Besides his own art practice Deimling has devoted much of his practice in researching the educational potential of Performance Art. In 2008 he founded the independent art & education project PAS | Performance Art Studies attended by emerging artists from all over the world. In October 2017 he co-organizes with the University Dresden in Germany the international Performance Art Symposium ‘ACT.MOVE.PERFORM.’

More information:
BBB Johannes Deimling: www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de
PAS | Performance Art Studies: http://pas.bbbjohannesdeimling.de
Performance Symposium: https://act-move-perform.com

Jürgen Fritz

Jürgen Fritz is the artistic director of the IPA Summer. Since the founding of IPA in 2006 he is instrumental in the design and implementation of all events.1982 – 1990 he worked as a theater director, curator and actor, since 1984 as performance artist. He is a co-founder of Black Market International, since the beginning of this international Cooperation of Performance Artists with whom he works since 1985. Since 1995 he is a lecturer in performance art at different Universities in Germany. He showed his performances in all countries of Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Australia.

International Performance Association (IPA): www.i-pa.org
Jürgen Fritz: www.fritz-performance.de
Black Market International: Facebook , Blogspot

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We are very happy, that Ieva Savickaitė will assist in Jürgens workshop. She took part in IPA Venice 2016 and is familiar with his work.

Ieva Savickaitė is a young artist with an interest in various forms of live art. Her previous work experience involves ballet, musical theatre, drama theatre, experimental theatre, performance art, contemporary dance, puppet theatre practice as well as site-specific performances and research. Her interests include performance art theory and practice, theatre, sound and movement laboratories. Her creative work can be described as visually expressive, sculptural, dealing with practical philosophy and critique of contemporary habits.

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  • Arrival: Sunday, June 25th 2017 before 6:30 pm at Quartair. We will have have a brief coming together at 7:30 pm. We will speak about all questions concerning the organization.
  • Workshop first group: 26.06.17 – 29.06.17
  • Workshop second group: 30.06.17 – 03.07.17
  • Workshop presentation: 04.07.17
  • Day off: 05.07.17
  • This is Live! events: 05.07.17 – 09.07.17
  • Departure: Sunday, 09.07.17


  • There will be 2 workshop groups, about 10 – 12 participants per group.
  • You will work 4 days with one teacher and then change to the other teacher – so you will work with BBB Johannes Deimling and with Jürgen Fritz
  • The working times can be different in each group, generally we have about 7 hours workshop every day in the groups.
  • Meals: Dinner is included in the fee. The food is vegetarian. For breakfast and lunch you have to organise yourself.
  • Fee ( for the time during the workshop – 25.6. – 5.07.2017)
    • If you don´t need a sleeping place, the fee is 250,- €, including workshop fee and dinner
    • If you need a sleeping place,  the fee is 400,- €, including workshop fee and dinner (9 nights). We will arrange a sleeping place at Hostel The Hague.

For all questions concerning the the events, please contact the organizers:


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